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In Sub-Transmission & Distribution system the significance of HT Capacitor Bank is increasing day-by-day for Shunt compensation. In West Bengal the premier power utility had taken an initiative for installation of HT Shunt Capacitor Banks at 11kV bus of 33/11kV substations. The main motto has been to improve the p.f. under Maximum demand conditions and subsequently improvement of voltage profile by reducing the huge network losses. Thus a part of today’s increasing demand can be served, keeping the same Generation & Transmission capacity and consequently, more revenue can be earned. A systematic approach for designing the shunt compensation system along with post commissioning results have been presented herewith as case study basis.


Shunt comp­ensation Compensati­ng kVAR E­quipment s­election c­riteria Sizing voltage ­rise ener­gy loss

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Author Biographies

Sandip Boral, MECON Limited (PSU under Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India)

Ex Senior Design Engineer (Electrical)

Joydeep Dasgupta, MECON Limited (PSU under Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India)

Ex Manager (Electrical)

Rupak Biswas, MECON Limited (PSU under Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India)

Ex General Manager

Boral, S., Dasgupta, J., & Biswas, R. (2019). The HT Capacitor Bank Shunt Compensation. [email protected] - Preprint Archive, 1(1).


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