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A staggering 25 to 30 per cent of production of fruits and vegetables in India is lost due to wastage. India ranks first few positions globally in the production of fruits and vegetables. But hardly one percent of the annual production of fruit and vegetables is processed in this country which is much lower compared to other developing nations.

Food Processing and other post-harvest technologies are the best option available to reduce the wastage of 50% of food and vegetable products and enhance food security of the country. The right post harvest practices such as good processing techniques, and proper packaging, transportation and storage can play a significant role in reducing spoilage and extending shelf life. Indians spend about 50% of household expenditure on food items. Demand for processed/convenience food is constantly on the rise. India's comparatively cheaper workforce can be effectively utilised to setup large low cost production bases for domestic and export markets. A chain-linked model of food processing at rural level can be developed using NBMS (Nodal-Big-Medium-Small) model and involving the Self Help Groups. The capital required for this business will be evenly distributed among the groups lessening the economic burden on them and the ongoing schemes and grants of different government departments can be clubbed together to assist the Self Help Groups to enter into this foray.


Foor Preservation and Processing Chain-linked process Self Help Groups

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Nilanjan Sengupta, Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists (FOSET), 15N Nelli Sengupta Sarani, Kolkata – 700087

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Sengupta, N., & Majumder, R. (2019). SETTING-UP OF CHAIN-LINKED FOOD PROCESSING UNITS THROUGH SELF HELP GROUPS USING ‘NBMS’ MODEL. [email protected] - Preprint Archive, 1(1).


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