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A decade has already passed since enactment of Electricity Act 2003. Now the different clauses of the said Act  is being amended but it is time to look back and analyze how much the objectives as framed under the said EA 2003 has been achieved and what are amendments needed. At the outset let us look into the process of amendment of EA 2003. EA03 came into effect after prolonged discussions at various levels of stakeholders followed by addition and deletion at draft stage and finally acceptance in parliament. The entire process took almost 10 years before declaration of EA03.  Its true that all sort of act , rules and regulations need to be reviewed and re-addressed in subsequent time and necessary amendment are to be made based on policy implementation and objective of successful and effective impact on socio-economic condition. But such process of review and amendment shall be a continuous one particularly when EA03 was totally a new concept and approach with an objective for development of power system based on optimal utilization of all resources having far reaching impact on socio-economic development.

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Mriganka Majumdar, Durgapur Projects Limited

Former Managing Director

Majumdar, M. (2019). Reforms in Power Sector: Introspection. [email protected] - Preprint Archive, 1(1).