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Building construction sector can play a major role in reducing Greenhouse Gas emission through application of technologies aimed at reduction of use of building materials. Energy consumed during production of building materials and components plays a crucial role in creating environmental pollution. India is witnessing high growth in urban and rural housing, which needs more production of building materials. Permanent or semi-permanent type buildings which consume easily available conventional materials like brick, reinforced cement concrete etc. can be made Economic and Eco-friendly by lowering use of energy-consuming building materials through Cost-effective Construction Technologies. Buildings with Cost-effective Construction Technology can be designed within the parameters of the existing Indian Standards. Awareness generation among the users, proper technical and architectural guidance and easy availability of skilled manpower are of utmost importance for promotion of cost-effective technologies in India and to make them as the most acceptable case of sustainable building technologies both in terms of cost and environment.


Cost-effective Construction Technology Economic and Eco-friendly construction Greenhouse Gas Emission Housing

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Nilanjan Sengupta, Forum of Scientists, Engineers & Technologists (FOSET)

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Sengupta, N. (2019). Growth of housing sector in India. [email protected] - Preprint Archive, 1(1).