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In this world of global warming, where temperature is rising day by day and where every creature is getting tempted from the unwanted climatic change, humans have invented ways to generate electricity from renewable energy sources, which has given a sight of relief to this burning earth. With the arrival of these renewable energy sources such as hydro energy, solar energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, biogas energy, nuclear energy using uranium obtained only from the sea water, the dependency on non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuel, and natural gas has reduced a lot as compared to few years back.  With the advent of continuous change in weather conditions as and arrival of various festival seasons, the demand of electricity in different zones of country varies from time to time. In this research paper we propose an algorithm to predict the amount of energy that should be most efficiently generated by a particular energy source at a particular time for a particular area.

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Goswami, S., Bose, S., Ghosh, R., & Sen, A. (2020). The Energy Forecasting for efficient transitioning of Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy Source. [email protected] - Preprint Archive, 1(1).