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With advancement of civilization, use of plastic is increasing. Consequently a huge amount of plastic waste is generated. In India 26000 tonnes per day of plastic waste was generated in 2017­18. Polyethylene and expanded polystyrene foam are extensively used for packaging which create environmental pollution when discarded.  Fly-ash is another solid waste generated from thermal power plants.  This particulate solid waste contaminates air water and soil.  Aim of the present research was to prepare a value-added product from all these waste materials to establish a waste-to-wealth process.

A tile-like structure has been prepared my melt-mixing and subsequent compression-moulding using plastic carry-bags, thermocol (expanded polystyrene foam) and fly-ash.  Tensile and flexural strengths along with the solvent absorption capacity were determined and compared with ceramic wall tiles.


Waste plastic Fly ash Wall Tiles Tensile strength MOR

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Chakrabarti, S. (2020). Development of construction material from waste plastics and fly ash. [email protected] - Preprint Archive, 1(1).


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