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The process of energy conservation has become quite predominant in the recent years since all the non - renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels, minerals, organic matters etc. Sun is the most versatile renewable source of energy and because of its everyday radiations we can acquire light and heat energy from it in a large manner. Solar panels are the ones used to convert its very light energy into electrical energy and to make it more efficient automatic solar trackers are developed in order to gain access to its energy till the very twilight which rotates according to the sun’s direction so that sun rays can fall perpendicular to it so as to generate more amount of electricity than the regular solar panels.


Photovoltaic effect Solar panel Solar tracker LDR

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Abhisek Das, Narula Institute of Technology

Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

Das, A. (2020). MULTI-DIRECTIONAL AUTOMATIC SOLAR TRACKER. [email protected] - Preprint Archive, 1(1).


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