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COVID-19 can be considered primarily a disease of the lower to upper middle class affluent group of population. Residents of slums, transient footpath dwellers who survive on a measly diet of rice and common salt are less affected. In contrary, the affluent population with their daily quota of bread, pastries, aerated drinks, in spite of better sanitation and hygiene succumb to the disease. Hence the provision of dietary iodine must be taken seriously and any form of dietary iodine depletion by agents like potassium bromide exerts a negative immunomodulatory effect causing easy COVID acquisition and COVID related complications.


COVID-19 Public Health Pandemic

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Mallik, D. P., & Sengupta, D. S. (2020). Effect of immunomodulatory action of iodine and natural supplements in preventing covid19 acquisition and preventing covid related complications . [email protected] - Preprint Archive, 1(1).